When undertaking work in ecological and conservation areas, it is imperative that the work is conducted carefully so the wildlife is not affected. We work along ecologists when carrying out various tasks and have a good relationship with a local ecologist, who can assist with any consultancy required.
All our staff have undergone basic training on the identification of native protective species, giving them a basic knowledge when working in sensitive areas.

We have had experience in the seeding and maintenance of wild flower areas, HLS, ELS & SSSI areas.

Our services include:



GCN Fencing

Pit Fall Traps

Destructive Search

Vegetation Clearance



Rabbit Fencing/ Drop Traps

Deer Fencing

Hibernacula Creation & Log Piles

Artificial Badger Sets



Water Vole Barrier Fencing

Woodland Planting

Hedge Planting

Marsh Clearance